Mary J. Sant’Eufemia is the owner and senior instructor of the studio Pilatespace. With 20 years experience she provides a holistic and contemporary approach to Pilates. Her first pilates studio was opened in East Hampton, New York in 2002. The second location was established in 2006 in the historic center of Rome, Italy.
Mary taught Pilates in both New York City and the Hamptons. She was classically trained and received her certification in NYC under Ellie Herman. Mary's goal is to uphold the integrity of Joseph Pilates' purist form of mind-body connection.
Our studio provides an exclusively private environment which facilitates the mind body concentration necessary to achieve the Original Pilates Method quickly and accurately. Here, you can benefit from the luxury of having your own private space and your instructorís absolute attention. It is an environment where you can go at your own pace, where you don't feel you have to compete with anyone but yourself nor, feel pressured about appearances.
Each personís program is tailored to their own specific needs and goals.

I began seeing Mary for private lessons about a year ago when I first moved to Rome. I had been suffering from back pain for years, and at the age of 27 I was having trouble bending over to brush my teeth or throw things in the trash can. I had heard from several people that Pilates was the best solution, so I decided to give it a try. Within a month I felt much better, and in 2 months I was like a whole new person, and finally felt my age. Not only did it improve my wellbeing but the lean muscle tone it gives you is something I have not been able to achieve through the multitude of other workouts I've tried. Mary is a very patient and caring teacher, and I would even like to consider her my first friend in Rome! I loved Pilates and Mary so much I have recently signed up to take a Pilates teacher training course so that I can try and help people the way that Mary has helped me and I'm sure countless others.

Marisella | Model