Mary was a classical ballet student at the Joffrey Ballet in NYC when she injured her knee doing a jump. After seeing 3 different orthopedic surgeons, all of whom told her she had arthritis on the knee and that she would have to stop dancing, she was distraught and incredulous. She sought the advice of a sports medicine doctor who diagnosed her with loose kneecaps and sent her to a Pilates studio for rehab with Carola Trier, a famous disciple of Joseph Pilates. After only ten sessions with Carola, her knee was strengthened, properly aligned and she was back dancing.
A number of years afterwards she began having chronic and severe back pain. Although she tried physiotherapy, acupuncture and stretching exercises, none of them offered lasting results. So she returned to Pilates, where once again she was relieved of her debilitating symptoms. This Method has been a lifesaver for her as it has been for so many of her clients.
In addition to her Pilates expertise, Mary is a New York State Certified Psychotherapist/Hynotherapist and Success Coach making her uniquely trained to help people achieve a mind body connection, which is crucial in learning the Pilates Method. Through her coaching skills, she knows how to help people achieve their goals: whether they’re doing Pilates for overall fitness, to enhance a particular sport, for rehab after an injury or just to make moving through life’s daily activities a little easier.