What our clients think about us

I began seeing Mary for private lessons about a year ago when I first moved to Rome. I had been suffering from back pain for years, and at the age of 27 I was having trouble bending over to brush my teeth or throw things in the trash can. I had heard from several people that Pilates was the best solution, so I decided to give it a try. Within a month I felt much better, and in 2 months I was like a whole new person, and finally felt my age. Not only did it improve my wellbeing but the lean muscle tone it gives you is something I have not been able to achieve through the multitude of other workouts I've tried. Mary is a very patient and caring teacher, and I would even like to consider her my first friend in Rome! I loved Pilates and Mary so much I have recently signed up to take a Pilates teacher training course so that I can try and help people the way that Mary has helped me and I'm sure countless others.

Marisella | Model

Mary was referred to me by a trusted friend, and I couldn't be more grateful! Mary and her lessons on the Pilates Reformer have changed my outlook on working out. Prior to working with the Reformer I despised any type of exercise, but now I actually look forward to it since each lesson is varied, tailored to my needs and continues to challenge me. A great combination of stretching and strength building, I never feel better than coming out of Mary's studio!

Ashley | Communications Officer in Food & Agriculture Policy

I will never forget the first day I was heading to my Pilates class. As I was walking along minding my own business, I overheard a cruel comment by a man on his bicycle (mind you, no great beauty himself, but you know what these things can do to a woman's self-esteem) who shouted out - in a heavy Roman accent - "What is this, the neighborhood of boilers with arms?". Since there was no one else around, I assumed said boiler with arms would be me.
Flash forward to a year and three months later, and a path of constant and dedicated work with Mary's help. Not only do I stand taller, my core stronger and my muscle structure transformed; not only did the boiler acquire a waistline, but on my first day on the beach, I actually got chatted up by a fellow beach goer. Can Pilates perform miracles? Well, it can and it does, when you add your own determination and willingness to change your lifestyle to Mary's caring and persistent guidance. Thank you Mary!

Liliana | Former WFP Programme Adviser

I started taking Pilates lessons with Mary after looking for a more engaging alternative to the gym. After a month or so I could see that my posture had improved and I definitely felt more toned than I had ever been from going to the gym. I have been a client of Pilatespace for some 5 years now and would like to thank Mary for her dedication in providing the perfect environment to practice Pilates. As well as keeping every workout interesting and fun!

Tanz | Systems Analyst and Developer